Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 7
Campfires and Ceremonies

The Jamborette opened with an opening ceremony which led to campfires in each of the subcamps.

Camp Chief Sharkey welcomes the participants to Blair Atholl.

The Uncles light torches at the fire...

...and carry it back to light their own subcamp campfires. 

"Do you know the muffin man?"
I don't, but evidently he dances strangely...
On Saturday night there was a large campfire for all of the resident Scouts and staff, as well as the younger Scouts from the weekend Satellite Camp.

Scouts led songs and yells.

The Uncles helped out with a few songs, too.

Each subcamp had its yells and chers. 

"There's a tree in the bog..." - helpful cue cards helped the Scouts keep their place

Uncle Dougie Woodrow - "don't forget the sheep"

Austrian Scouts lead a song from their country. 
All good things come to an end, and so did our Jamborette. The closing campfire brought the camp to a suitable conclusion. 

Each subcamp paraded onto the campfire field behind its banner... 

... to the tunes of a Scout bagpipe band. 

Scouts led songs...

... so did staff ...

... and the Uncles helped with the motions. 

The leader of the Blair Aktor activity collected thoughts on "what is a Scout?" through the week. The Scouts chose the best, and he edited them into a free-verse poem entitled "I am a Scout" which brought down the house. 
Read it here on the Official Blair Atholl website and watch it on YouTube

The final chance to do subcamp cheers. 

South African Scouts lead a song. 

The Japanese contingent was from a part of Japan which had been devastated by last year's earthquake and tsunami. Scottish Scouts raised money to allow them to attend the Jamborette despite their losses. During the week signatures, thoughts and wishes for recovery were collected on a scroll which was presented to the Japanese leader at the closing campfire. 

Chief Sharkey presented each contingent leader with white heather, symbol of luck and friendship, for their Scouts and leaders to take home with them. 

Each of the Uncles lit a torch at the fire, and lit candles held by all of the Scouts and leaders across the campfire slope.

A chorus sang "The Blair Atholl Hymn" and other slow songs...

... as the candle light spread across the audience.

Soon, the entire field was covered by light. After the songs were sung, Chief Sharkey walked slowly across the field, and the candles were extinguished as he passed. 

Finally, the national flags were lowered for the last time, and...

... banners were raised in their place with the wish, "Haste ye back"

We will.

What are you doing in July 2014?

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