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2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 2 - July 16th - East Lothian

We spent the night at the North Berwick Scout Hall - and a big "thanks" to the folks at North Berwick for the hospitality!

It's a short walk through a park from the Scout Hall to the waterfront. Along the way, we got a good view of North Berwick Law, the conical hill which is a landmark for miles around. 

Our route through the park brought us to a really great playground - so of course all the Scouts had to try all the equipment - especially the zipline. 

It wasn't just the Scouts who had to try the zipline, actually...

Scottish Seabird Centre - North Berwick

The Scottish Seabird Centre is located on the harbour in North Berwick. One of the neatest features is a room full of large screen televisions connected to cameras located on nearby Bass Rock and other breeding colonies for seabirds. The cameras are remotely controlled, allowing visitors to pan around and zoom in on individual birds - here, our Scouts have found a nesting puffin. 

Every attraction has to have a gift shop. 

There's an observation deck on the rear of the Seabird Centre, with telescopes to allow direct viewing of the Firth of Forth and...

... Bass Rock itself, home to more than 150,000 gannets - the largest gannetry in the world. In case you've never seen one, gannets are very large (six-foot wingspan) white and grey seabirds with yellow heads. The surface of the rock is white with nesting gannets - and their guano, once a very rich source of industrial ammonia and phosphates.

The Scouts on the Seabird Centre overlook.

Scottish National Museum of Flight - East Fortune

The first Concorde supersonic airliner to enter service - G-BOAA - is on display in its own hangar at the Museum of Flight.  

The interior of the Concorde is surprisingly small, compared to today's wide-body airliners. 

The warbird hangar had airplanes from World War II through late Cold War eras.

Supermarine Spifire Mark XVIe in the warbird hangar.

The Radar Room was open, with volunteers available to introduce visitors to aviation electronics, old and new.

The Hands On hangar had a number of interactive exhibits - this turntable allowed the Scouts to spin around, demonstrating centrifugal force and angular momentum as they leaned in and out. 

How steady are your reflexes? 

A motorized paper glider launcher

The afternoon weather cleared, allowing the Scouts to blow off some steam on the Challenge Course before we headed off to Stirling for dinner and our night's stay at the 7th Beechwood Scout Group's hall. 

Our GPS seemed determined to take us by every obscure side road and through the middle of every city along each day's routing. It was somewhat startling to discover that the navigator had decided to route us up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, then down under South Bridge on Cowgate. The view of Edinburgh Castle was impressive, but the driving was hair-raising. 

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