Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Camp Views

The Jamborette camp is divided up into six circular subcamps. 

MacDonald Subcamp

McLean Subcamp

Morrison Subcamp

Murray Subcamp

Robertson Subcamp

Stewart Subcamp

International Flags fly on the hill overlooking the camp.

Each merged Scottish/International patrol has a tarp-covered table and fire area, which is shared with the patrol next door, so that each Scout gets to know Scouts from at least two other countries. 

Camp view from the Hercules Garden overlook

Each morning, the camp stands to attention for flagbreak as the Union Flag, Scottish Scouting Flag and International Scout Flag are raised on the main flagpoles. At the same time, the national flags for each of the 20 countries at the Jamborette are raised on the hill to the accompaniment of a bugle and, one morning, a jazz saxophone from one of the subcamps..

In the evening, the procedure is reversed at flagdown. 

Canadian contingent gathers for a group photo.

The main camp gateway.

The shadows get longer in the evening...

... but it can be nearly 11:00PM before the sky darkens after sunset. 

Umm... a T. Rex using the urinal? Only at Blair Atholl...

On the first Wednesday, the Scouts host their staff "cousins" at a Camp Dinner. 

Our hosts in MacLean Subcamp were Scottish and Japanese.

On Sunday evening, the Staff reciprocates by serving the Scouts at a Camp Barbeque.
The countryside around the camp is spectacular. Blair Atholl is located in the Grampian Mountains, on the southern edge of the Scottish Highlands. It's wooded around the Castle, where the Dukes of Atholl planted trees, but you don't have to go far before the forest is replaced by heather-covered hills and rocky outcrops. 

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