Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Daily Activities

The daily activities run two sessions a day for six days of the Jamborette - Wednesday through Friday of the first week, then Monday through Wednesday of the second week. Some activities run all day, but most often the Scouts can choose two activities to take part in each day. They collect sticky badges in their guidebooks at each activity, and when a Scout has collected sufficient stickies, he or she earns the "White Cockade" patch.

Scouts work on communication at Amateur Radio Station GB0BAJ, under the guidance of a number of Scottish ham radio operators. These Scouts were somewhat surprised to be called by WB2JWD, an American station, on the short-range two meter band. It wasn't extreme DX - just me, in my tent in Staff Row. 

The Great Blair Bake-Off let Scouts try their baking skills.

"Who loves the mud?" - Scouts do, on the Atholl Experience challenge course.

Scouts could try cycling, riding off into the Highlands on a half-day Mountain Bike outing, on an Overnight Cycle to camp at a bothy...

... or they could practice their Cycle Skills on-site. 

As in my previous nine Blairs, my job was to lead tours of Blair Castle. We start out here on the Castle forecourt to hear the story of the 1746 seige during the Jacobite rising, then enter the Castle to go through 32 rooms. 

The tour ends in the Ballroom (the only room where photography is permitted, unfortunately).

Spanish Scouts try on costumes in the Castle Ballroom

I always treat Scouts from my contingent to an after-tour dessert in the Castle restaurant. A small bribe, but it works...

Bushcraft, where the Scouts practice firebuilding, make firestarters and leathercraft...

... and wind rope on a rope machine.

Circus Skills introduces the Scouts to many different activities. Here, a Scout twirls a baton while balancing on a board...

...while this Scout balances a plate on a stick on one finger while balancing on a board. Pretty neat, actually...

More Circus Skills - juggling, twirling cloth bobbins... 

... and Devil Sticks. 

Scouts can climb a log ladder...

... or a climbing wall - blindfolded, in this case!

What goes up, must come down - by abseiling, of course (that's "rappelling" to us Americans)

Ready, Steady... Cook!

All sorts of crafts were on offer...

...including making miniature sheep.

Am I the only one thinking about Star Wars?

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