Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 4
The Staff

The Jamborette couldn't happen without its staff, Scottish and International, working for more than a year beforehand to get the Jamborette set up and recruiting Scouts and leaders. Then, once July arrived, while we International leaders arrived with our Scouts on Tuesday of the Jamborette week, the Scots had been on site for days - some for a week or more - getting the camp ready for our arrival. 

The Scottish National Commissioner welcomed the International leaders at a reception early in the week. 

Activities Chair Bev McNab gets her staff organized for the opening of the Jamborette. 

Scottish National Commissioner Graham Haddock

The Admin Staff, slaving away at their computers.. Way In, Way Out...

The Events Staff prepares for International Night in the Kastle

Staff chats with a visitor who had attended the First Jamborette in 1946

It's just a load of rubbish - and without Site Services to haul it away every day, we'd be neck deep in the stuff... Once again, "thanks" to the largely-unseen Site Services Staff for the necessary job they do!

The Staff Club and Mess - food and entertainment

There's always a cuppa on offer at the Staff Club.

Kinda says it all...

Bob Moyes MC'd and entertained at the Staff Club every evening. 

Sandy Black on guitar...

"I'm a little teapot..."

On Campfire Night, a Connecticut Leader tells fortunes by smelling sneakers - this particular sneaker foretold a long journey, after it was flung out the door...

Chief Sharkey leads a song...

A Scout singer - unexpectedly accompanied by a fiddle from behind the screen

The ever-popular quiz night...

...and the winning team

The food at the Staff Mess was, as usual, first rate. Every meal featured at least two versions of potatoes... 

... and the staff ate it all up with gusto...

Burns Supper

On Wednesday night there was a traditional Burns Supper, complete with haggis, neeps and tatties. The Scouts had theirs in their campsites, while the Staff Burns Supper was held in the Staff Mess. 

The haggis is ceremonially piped in...

... and Robert Burns' Ode to a Haggis is recited

Then, we eat!

After dinner, there are speeches...


... and a recitation of some of Burns' poetry. In this case Simon Lamb gave a great performance of Tam o'Shanter - I never knew Tam had visited Scottish Scout HQ at Fordell Firs, rode through the Jamborette and wound up convincing the witches to join Scouting. Well, maybe it wasn't exactly Burns' poem...

Camp Chief's Reception and Grand Dinner

On Friday, once the Jamborette was over, and all the Scouts had gone home or off for Home Hospitality, Camp Chief Sharkey hosted a reception at the Castle Ballroom followed by a Grand Dinner and Ceilidh in the Staff Mess. Many of the teams and contingents took the opportunity to get group photos, so I took pictures of them taking pictures, allowing the maximum possible number of staff to appear on this page in one form or another.

Gibraltar has been coming to the Jamborette since the first one in 1946

Family "tag alongs" were welcome at the reception, too.

Camp Chief Sharkey addresses the staff...

...and handed out certificates to the top Scottish staff. 

"There ain't no flies on us!"

"There ain't no flies on US!"

A toast to the Jamborette by a Gibraltar leader.

Simon recites a slightly modified version of his poem, 'This is the Field'.


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