Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2012 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Country Fair

On Saturday, the Jamborette opens up for Visitor Day and the Satellite Camp for younger Scouts is in full swing across the Castle road. So, when the Country Fair starts in the afternoon, there's a real crowd on hand to see what the various contingents have to offer. Each overseas contingent, and most Scottish groups, had booths at which they either sold something (usually edible) which is representative of their country or region, or had a game for the visitors to play. 

The national currency for the Country Fair is the Atholl, issued by the Bank of Scoutland especially for the Fair. Visitors buy Atholls, and each contingent is issued a quantity at the beginning of the Fair. While half the contingent goes off to spend their Atholls, the other half runs their booth collecting more Atholls. Every once in a while, the groups switch off, and money flows... Spend it quick, because at the end of the Fair hyperinflation hits and the exchange rate drops to zero.

One Austrian contingent offered Photo Opportunities with Sissi and Franzl, in front of a royal palace.

Another Austrian contingent had soup for sale. 

Our contingent sold "spiedies", roasted meat on a skewer (chicken, this time), marinated overnight in a recipe which originated in Binghamton, NY. We were sold out of ten kilograms of meat in a bit over an hour, and wound up giving away recipes and showing pictures from our area for the rest of the fair. 

BSA Connecticut Yankee Council with fried dough of some kind

Canadian candy

Danish bread

Some contingents also provided entertainment - in this case, Danish Scouts perform a Boot Dance


Richard tries out a disc gun for target practice

Learn Finnish at the Finland booth

The French, with crepes, of course.

Try to stomp the balloon tied to your partner's ankle, while keeping him from stomping on yours...

German Stollen and hot cider

Darts at the Gibraltar Sea Scouts booth

Iceland - candy, hot soup(?) and a sweater for the chilly Scottish weather

Irish hurling from the Dublin contingent

Candy from the Irish group from Trim

Japanese Teriyake

National Commissioner Graham Haddock escorting Sir Erskine "William" Gladstone of Fasque and Balfour, 7th Baronet and former Chief Scout of the UK from 1972-1982

Sugar-coated pastry from the Netherlands

Nico's Neckies

Northern Irish Scouts, in saffron kilts, offered soft drinks and brochures

Norwegian waffles and cheese

Scottish Cranachan - a layered dessert made from whipped cream, honey, and fresh raspberries, with toasted oatmeal (the traditional whisky was omitted, presumably).

Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Strawberries from the Arbroath patrol

Fine Pieces from Buchan, Scotland

This Scottish group offered target practice with crossbows...

...which made a reenactment of William Tell inevitable. And yes, the crossbowman did shoot the apple off his buddy's head. 

The Deeside Scotland group gave visitors the chance to splat Scots with wet sponges. 

Brian tries his luck against a Scottish magician.

Dundee is historically known for "Jam, Jute and Journalism". The Dundee patrol offered three kinds of jam (left) and lots of journalism (above) - but no jute. Sadly, the jute industry is long extinct.

Make your own Memory Cards - one bit, compatible with all graphite or ink memory card writers...

Scottish pancakes

That's one way of using a slingshot...

Whack-a-Mole, Scottish style - "whack a haggis"

Spanish Scouts made paella


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