Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6

On the last day of the Jamborette, the subcamps competed in the Athollantics. There were thirty-plus stations through which patrol-sized groups from each subcamp rotated, competing head-to-head with another group for five minutes before rotating on to the next station. 

Three-legged Race

Bowling for Irn Bru

How could you have games in Scotland without a Caber Toss?

Pass the football - over back, then between legs...

Crab Football (soccer)

Regular Football (soccer)

Carry a cup of water on a bench, dump it in the bucket, run back...

Egg and Spoon Relay

Ultimate Frisbee

Helicopter - hop over a rotating rope, if you're hit you're out...

Frisbee Golf

Long Jump

Each team has to form a letter when it's called out - this is an "M"

Log Carry relay

Entire team joins hands, has to pass between everyone's legs

The Lazy Game - toss ball in bucket, while sitting in lawn chair

When your number is called, you have to run over everyone else's legs, and back into position.

Over-table and under-bench obstacle course

Pull Tag - try to get a member of the other team to touch the chair.


Four-person Sack Race

Another Relay - carry a can using a rope mesh


Pass a teammate around a table as many times as possible

Wellie Toss

Wheelbarrow Relay

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