Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2014 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Campfires and Ceremonies

Opening and Subcamp Campfires

The Jamborette officially began with an opening ceremony which led to campfires in each of the subcamps.

Scout pipers lead in the flags of each country. 

Camp Chief Sharkey welcomes the group, and declares the Jamborette open.

A fire is lit from the ashes of the closing campfire from the last Blair, then the subcamp Uncles take the fire back to their subcamps.

Each subcamp had its own campfire, with many songs and skits....

Scouts' Own Service

Sunday's Scouts' Own service started with a procession down the castle road to Blair Castle.

Camp Chief and the top Staff cross the Castle bridge, between the flags of each country.

The Scouts filed in - and filled - the grassy slope next to Blair Castle, below the red deer enclosure. 

In case you're wondering where these pictures were taken from, I was offered a chance to climb the Castle tower for photos... twist my arm, please...

The Scouts' Own was led by Uncle Bruce MacLaren

Each subcamp offered a short skit or song.

International Night at the Kastle

Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA, performed "Scotland the Brave" on Boomwhackers - tuned lengths of PVC tubing

Pacific Explorers from Vancouver Island did a line dance...

... and finished up with a pyramid topped by Canadian and Scottish flags

Scottish stand-up comedy

Gibraltar Sea Scouts led "La Bamba"...

... and all the assembled Scouts joined in.

Japanese Scouts dance.

Scout magician doing card tricks.
There were lots of singers, in different styles... and all very good!

Closing Ceremony

The Jamborette ended on Thursday, July 31st. After the Athollantics, the Scouts returned to their subcamps to begin to tear down the shelters and tables. By evening, the camps were mostly dismantled, and the subcamps filed in for a last campfire on the slope overlooking the camp.

The Scots do know how to build a campfire.

Simon Lamb leads a repeat after me song (repeat after me song)

Sandy Black sings "Start Wearing Purple"

Most of the songs were led by Scouts from many different countries.

Simon came back to recite a new poem, "This is the Field", to great acclaim. 
You can read it here (PDF) or listen to the performance on YouTube

The Uncles lead the motions for a song.

As the fire burned down, the flags were lowered, and replaced by banners with the names of each of the countries at this year's Blair

Camp Chief Sharkey handed out packets of white heather, symbol of friendship, to each of the overseas contingents. 

The Subcamp Uncles and Camp Chief lit torches from the campfire, and passed the flames on to candles held by the thousand or so Scouts and leaders.

Finally, as the Blair Atholl Song was sung, the candles were blown out from one side of the slope to the other. The last candle was out, and the Scouts walked quietly back to their subcamps. The Jamborette was over.

By the next day, the camp was just a shadow on the field...

What are you doing in July 2016?

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