Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 6 - July 17th - Glasgow

We rode the train from Bishopton to Central Station, then walked along the Clyde to the Glasgow Science Centre. We'd originally planned to spend a few hours at the Centre, then walk over to Kelvingrove - but as lunchtime arrived, the Scouts hadn't even finished with their first floor. We decided to stay in place, and spent most of the day there, finishing up with an IMax movie. 

Assembling a head?

The faster you run, the more lights you light. It's easy to get started...

...but a whole lot harder to stop.

Building a racetrack for marbles.

Fog table.

A wall with pins - push your face in the opposite side and see what you get...

At this station, a computer analyzes brain waves. The marble rolls toward the Scout with the most relaxed brain waves. 

Piloting a remote submarine in a tank of water.

Mechanical arm

As you pedal the bike, you can see your skeleton in the glass.


After the IMax film, we walked back along the Clyde to Buchanan Street for a bit of souvenir shopping. 

Victorian Shopping Malll - the Argyll Arcade, complete with top-hatted usher.

Buchanan Street is the pedestrianized central shopping street in Glasgow.

After the Scouts had a chance to browse the gift shops and, for some, buy kilts, we found an all-you-can-eat world buffet for dinner, which proved to be the perfect way to fill a dozen teenaged bottomless pits. They had everything from Indian to Chinese to Mexican to Pizza... you name it, with ice cream and pie for dessert. 
After that, we left Glasgow for Edinburgh, and by 8:00 were checked in at the 88th Craigalmond Scout Group's Scout Hall for the evening. 

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