Baden-Powell Council BSA
at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Day 7 - July 18th - Edinburgh

Our last day of touring was spend on and around the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city. 

We dropped the rental vehicles off at the airport, then rode the tram into Edinburgh. 

Our day started with a tour of Edinburgh Castle.

The view from the Castle, looking over Waverly Gardens and Princes Street to the Firth of Forth and the Kingdom of Fife beyond. 

The oldest building at Edinburgh Castle - St. Margaret's Chapel. 

The Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle

Dog Cemetery at Edinburgh Castle

The tour ended at the War Memorial

After lunch we visited the Camera Obscura - Victorian High-Tech, where a periscope on the top of the building projects an image on a bowl. We got a tour of Edinburgh as seen through the Camera, complete with the ever-popular swatting tourists on the Royal Mile with index cards. 

The rest of the building housing the Camera Obscura is dedicated to a fascinating collection of optical illusions - in this case, one of the best mirror mazes anywhere. 

An Ames Room - which Scout is taller - Zachary...

... or Will? 

A phosphorescent wall - hold still, there's a bright flash...

... and your shadow stays behind on the glowing wall. 

Of course, it also works in the other direction - if you happen to have a flashlight, you can paint on the shadows...

A thermal imaging camera, showing our Scouts by their own heat.

Disembodied Scout

A spherical mirror projects a real image in three-space, so you can shake hands with yourself. 

You walk through this rotating tunnel on a walkway - the walkway is completely stationary, but your mind says it's pitching around like a ship in a high sea. Really weird...

The uppermost level of the Camera Obscura includes a viewing gallery. 

After the Camera Obscura, we walked down the gift-shop filled Royal Mile. 

The Scouts were turned loose, one block at a time, while we leaders waited for them at the next intersection. They managed to get their souvenir shopping out of their systems while we relaxed. 

A street performer hijacked the group as we walked by - he did sword swallowing, drove a nail into his nose, juggled knives, and lay down on a bed of nails. He had one of our Scouts throw an apple at the bed of nails to prove they were real nails. 

St. Giles Cathedral

Greyfriars Bobby, the most visited statue in Edinburgh.

In the evening we took a Ghost Walk which started here, at the Mercat Cross outside St. Giles.

Our guide took us through Stevelaws Close, a narrow side street leading down to the Cowgate off the Royal Mile.

The guide led us into the haunted vaults under South Bridge for a candlelight tour which ended with refreshments and more ghost stories. 

Then, back to the 88th Craigalmond's hall for the night...

Early the next morning we were picked up by a coach, and after a stop at South Queensferry to pick up some more Scouts, we crossed the Forth Road Bridge and headed north to Perthshire. 

On to the Jamborette!


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