Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Daily Activities

The daily activities run two sessions a day for six days of the Jamborette - Wednesday through Friday of the first week, then Monday through Wednesday of the second week. Some activities run all day, but most often the Scouts can choose two activities to take part in each day. They collect sticky badges in their guidebooks at each activity, and when a Scout has collected sufficient stickies, he or she earns the "White Cockade" patch.

Climbing Wall

After climbing up, the Scouts abseil down (that's "rappel" to Americans)

Scouts are instructed in proper use of climbing harnesses and ropes

Scouts can also climb this giant rope ladder

Scouts could talk to other Scouts via ham radio at the Amateur Radio setup.

Amateur Radio Station GB0BAJ was in contact with stations around the world for four days of the Jamborette.


Blair Aktor - the acting skills activity

The Atholl Experience - ever popular...

... and ever muddy!

The Backwoods activity area included tomahawk throwing

Firebuidling at the Backwoods activity area


Dutch Oven Cooking at the Backwoods activity area

Circus Techniques

Circus Techniques

The Great Blair Bake-Off

Ready, Steady, Cook!

The Scouts could choose to take a tour of Blair Castle

The Castle Ballroom, the last room on the Castle Tour.

Period dress-up supplies are available in the Ballroom

Crafts area




Crate Climbing - start low... 

...keep adding crates as you climb...

...and it's either one crate too many...

... or you make it all the way to the top!


Scouts leave on overnight hike into the Highlands

Scouts could drive a hovercraft around a field

In the iBuild activity, Scouts built powered speakers for their MP3 players


A reporter for Radio Blair interviews Camp Chief Sharkey

Team Building exercise


There were many sports on offer, including rugby football

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