Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the 
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Evening Activities and Entertainment

Almost every evening there was some form of entertainment for the Scouts, either at their subcamps or at or around the Kastle, some of which was repeated for the Staff. The evening campfires and opening and closing ceremonies will be covered in another page

Carnival and Ceilidh

The Carnival included a number of things for the Scouts to do, including a bouncy castle, giant slide, spring stilts, and boxing on a balance beam...

...with the inevitable result.

Another form of combat - bolsters on boxes...

Scouts filled the area between the wings of the Kastle for a spirited Ceilidh with a live band. It started a bit slow, but before long all of the Scouts present were dancing.

International Night

One night, individual Scouts and groups from many contingents offered entertainment at the Kastle and Staff Club. 

BSA Connecticut contingent on Kazoos

Scout dancers

Canadian Pacific Explorers Scouts make a human pyramid flagpole

Canadian Pacific Explorer Scouts line dancing

Some of the younger family members demonstrated ballroom dancing for the staff

Modern Highland Dancers

Scout fiddler

Japanese Scouts dancing

Gibraltar Sea Scouts demonstrated their traditional "BAMBA!"

Before long, others joined in... "abajo..."

...and soon the tent was full of dancing Scouts - "y arriba!"

The dance was repeated at the Staff Club, with similar results

Hong Kong Scouts

Hong Kong Scouts

Something different - a lightning demonstration of Rubik's Cube

Russian Scouts

Russian Scouts

Subcamp Band finishes up with an Elvis classic

Spanish Scouts dancing

Burns Supper

As is traditional, the cam participated in a Burns Supper on (sort of) Burns Night - the 25th of July. The Scouts celebrated in their subcamps, and the Staff dressed up in their finest Highland Dress (or Class A uniforms for the non-Scots) in the Staff Mess.

The head table

The Haggis was ceremonially piped in...

...and Robert Burns' "Ode to a Haggis" was recited.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - yum!

A few of Burns' poems were read

Various toasts were given, including the traditional one "to the ladies"...

... to which a very non-traditional lady replied...


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