Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 4
The Staff

The Jamborette simply wouldn't happen without the staff. When our contingents arrive and the Scouts head off to join their Scottish counterparts in the Subcamps, we are allocated jobs across the Jamborette for the next ten days. But, by the time we arrive the Scottish staff have been working for a week or more- in some cases, for more than a year - so that when we get to Target Park, everything we and our Scouts need is in place and ready to go. 

The Admin crew - organizers of Home Hospitality, and so much else...

Activity Staff Meeting

Queuing up for the Staff Mess

Staff Lines - our home from home...

Room with a view

"We have talked into the night..."

The Staff Club

The Staff Club is open from morning through late at night, a place for the staff to get a cup of tea and a late supper, and to generally socialize and relax when their Jamborette jobs permit. This means that the Staff Club Staff's jobs seldom permit.. so a heart-felt "thanks" to all of them!

The Staff Club usually has some sort of evening entertainment or activity...

Championship bagpipers

Bob Moyes

Bruce MacLaren

Japanese Leader Mike Uchimiya

Quiz Night always attracts a crowd, with a dozen or more quiz teams from around the camp

Our Quiz Team (we came in second)

US Leader - Irish Dance

Canadian Line Dancing

Simon Lamb recites Burns' "Tam o'Shanter"

Russian Leader

Jose from Florida, USA, helped Bob lead a Scottish song by illustrating the Scottish terminology in cartoons as the song was sung.

The Scottish Assistant National Commissioner held a reception for the Overseas Leaders early in the camp

Camp Chief's Reception and Closing Banquet

At the end of the camp, after the Scouts have gone home and the Staff's spent a day taking down most of the camp, the Camp Chief holds a reception in the Castle Ballroom, followed by a grand banquet in a transformed Staff Mess and a Ceilidh in the Staff Club

Camp Chief Sharkey with his family - and weaponry

The Staff fills the Ballroom


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