Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

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Country Fair

On Saturday, the Jamborette opens up for Visitor Day and the Satellite Camp for younger Scouts is in full swing across the Castle road. So, when the Country Fair starts in the afternoon, there's a real crowd on hand to see what the various contingents have to offer. Each overseas contingent, and most Scottish groups, had booths at which they either sold something (usually edible) which is representative of their country or region, or had a game for the visitors to play. 

The national currency for the Country Fair is the Atholl, issued by the Bank of Scoutland especially for the Fair. Visitors buy Atholls, and each contingent is issued a quantity at the beginning of the Fair. While half the contingent goes off to spend their Atholls, the other half runs their booth collecting more Atholls. Every once in a while, the groups switch off, and money flows... Spend it quick, because at the end of the Fair hyperinflation hits and the exchange rate drops to zero.


BSA Connecticut Yankee Council - made clam chowder

BSA Florida - with some other sort of soup

BSA - Illinois - I really need to take notes, because I simply cannot remember what sort of treat would involve cinnamon sugar and yellow mustard. It looks like there's a fried dough ball on the table - but mustard?

BSA Massachusetts sold Peeps...

...which seem to have made a hit, even squished together as one shapeless mass for a boxfull. 

Canadians served pancakes with whipped cream

Our neighbors to the north - BSA Longhouse Council with meatballs

BSA Longhorn Council from Texas did ropin'...

... and brandin'

These Canadians had flags and "moose crossing" signs.

More Canadians - peanut brittle, maybe?

Still more Canadians, with pancakes and what looks something like bean soup?

Finland Scouts with biscuits and candy

The Germans had a sort of dry-land level ski course

Gibraltar Sea Scouts had a dart poker game

Hong Kong Scouts offered Green Tea

The Hula Hoop isn't dead, apparently, and spinning five at once was doing well even back in the late 50's when I remember having one... 

Get your dried haddock from an Icelandic Scout!

Northern Irish Scouts offered soda and crisps

Music from an Irish band

Irish Scouts from the Republic of Ireland also offered crisps - Taytos, their local brand, to be precise.

Chicken Teriyake from the Japanese Scouts

Pancakes from Glasnevin, Ireland

These Dutch Scouts were selling sausage and cheese...

...while these Dutch Scouts had small pancakes on a stick, rolled in sugar.

Russian Scouts with candy and something spread on bread

Norwegian Scouts made waffles... at least they're not pancakes... served with thin sliced cheese

Little Scottish layered desserts - Cranachan

Splat the Scot!

Horse Race - the horses are propelled by winding the strings on the spindles

Scottish Stawberries and chocolate on biscuits

How high can you build your tower? A game from a Scottish group

Scottish Fried Bread

The Spanish Scouts were making Paella

Sweden had thin pancakes with strawberries and cream

Last but not least, our own contribution: BSA Baden-Powell Council once again sold "spiedies" - a local variation on kebabs from Central New York. We went through a bit over five kilos worth of chicken, and sold out within an hour. 

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