Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 6

On the last day of the Jamborette, the subcamps competed in the Athollantics. There were thirty-plus stations through which patrol-sized groups from each subcamp rotated, competing head-to-head with another group for five minutes before rotating on to the next station. 


A Boogie competition? 


Crawl Relay - the entire group has to pass through its own legs

"duck duck GOOSE!"

Volleyball, with a giant volleyball

Egg-and-spoon race

Grab the platters relay

Pole carry

Pull tag

"Head or Catch" 
The director throws the ball and says either "Head" or "Catch". 

To make it interesting, the person receiving the ball has to do the opposite, or they're out...

Sack Race

Horseback Relay

Pass the Nerf Log knees-to-knees

Knot Relay

Pole Circle - Move around the circle on the call, catching the pole before it falls over. If it falls, you're out. 

Plank Relay - the group has to carry the planks along...

... and pass over them until they reach the goal.

Pole Climb

One Scout has a hula hoop, the other a plate with a hole in the center. Both are strung along a rope. Relay from one end of the rope to the other without taking both hands off the hoop or plate. 

Pass a patrol member over and under the table as many times as possible

Three-legged Race

Obstacle Relay - over the tables...

...and under the benches. 

Water Relay - pass as much water as possible from one end to the other using only your hands

Human Naughts-and-Crosses 
(that's "Tic Tac Toe" to Americans)

Conventional Volleyball

Seated Volleyball

The ever-popular Wellie Wanging
(rubber boot toss)

Wheelbarrow Relay

Water-Hat Relay
Fill the mug on the helmet with a spoon...

... run it around a course...

... and empty it into the tub. 
Or, at least, try to get the water in the tub. It's harder than it looks!

Cup-on-Shovel Relay

The final score - Murray wins... announced by Master-of-Ceremonies Fudge...

... to the excitement and cheers of Murray Subcamp.

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