Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 7
Campfires and Ceremonies - Opening and Saturday Campfires

Opening Ceremony

After the International Scouts arrived and got acquainted with their Scottish counterparts, they were all gathered in front of the camp gateway for the opening ceremony. 

Camp Chief Sharkey officially opens the Jamborette by lighting a council fire from the cermonial torch which closed the last Jamborette. 

Sandy Black was master of the ceremony

The flags of all of the countries present are raised.

A bagpipe band marched in, and out again.

The Subcamp Leaders lit flares at the council fire...

... and led their subcamps back to begin their individual campfires.

Opening Subcamp Campfires

Murray Subcamp

Murray Subcamp

Murray Subcamp

Robertson Subcamp

Morrison Subcamp

Robertson Subcamp

Stewart Subcamp

Stewart Subcamp

Morrison Subcamp

Saturday Night Campfire

On Saturday night, after the Country Fair and tea (dinner), the entire camp - the 900 Scouts from the Jamborette and the 700 Satellite Campers, as well as the staff and lots of visitors - attended a campfire on the Campfire Slope between the camp and Blair Castle. 

Brave mascots from MacLean Subcamp

Each of the Subcamps marched in and were marshaled to their spot on the slope. 

The subcamps gave their cheers for the first time

Subcamp Leaders contributed their flares to the fire

Sandy Black led the ever-popular "Dead Skunk" song

Subcamp Leader "Wee Col" leads a song, followed by many others - Scouts and Staff alike

The campfire ended as darkness fell - close to 10:00PM

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