Baden-Powell Council BSA Scouts at the
2016 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

Gallery 8
Campfires and Ceremonies - Scouts' Own and Closing

Scouts' Own

On Sunday morning, a pipe band led the Camp up the Castle Drive to Blair Castle for the Scouts' Own service

The camp filed over bridge across the Banvie Burn into place on the slope leading up to the Deer Park above Blair Castle

When everyone was in place and the slope filled, the Scouts Own began

Groups of Scouts brought in letters and performed skits...

Finally, when all of the letters were in, it spelled the word "imagine".

The Scouts' Own ended with singing John Lennon's song "Imagine".

Closing Campfire

After the Athollantics ended on Thursday of the second week, the Scouts began to tear down the Subcamps. By the time they marched up the Campfire Slope for the final time late Thursday evening, only the patrol tents remained up. 

Sandy Black opened the campfire with a song, followed by many others

Each of the Subcamp Leaders led a verse of "Boom Chicka Boom"

"Happy Llama, Sad Llama..." - after 40+ years as a Scout Leader, it's not often I hear a new skit... good one!

Simon Lamb recited an original poem entitled "One Hundred Thousand Welcomes" - you can see a video of it on the BPBlairatholl Facebook group page.

As the closing came to an end, Camp Chief Sharkey spoke to the camp...

... and handed out packages of white heather cards for each of the International contingents. 

The "Blair Atholl Hymn" was sung, and a violin played... Chief Sharkey lit a torch, He then went along the front row of campers, lighting candles from the torch. The flames were passed back up the field...

...until the entire slope was illuminated by candle light...
The campfire slope was silent, but for the music, as each participant reflected on his or her experiences at the Jamborette.
Truly, in the words of the Blair Atholl Hymn, "in parting some shed tears"... 

As the music ended, the Chief walked across the slope again, and the candles were extinguished in his wake until the field was dark...

...but for the dying fire and a banner saying "Haste Ye Back".

What are you doing in July 2018?

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