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2018 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

After the Jamborette - Home Hospitality and R&R

Once the Jamborette was over, the Scouts headed off with their Scottish counterparts for four days of home hospitality. Justin opted for home hospitality as well, and Mike H and his wife Cathy rented a car for four days of R&R in southern Scotland. I spent three nights on the Isles of Lewis and Harris before meeting up with the group in Edinburgh on Tuesday, July 31st. Here are a few pictures from my after-Jamborette touring. 

Rainbow over Berie Beach (Traigh na Beirig) at Kneep (Cnip) on the Valtos (Bhaltos) Peninsula.

Arnol Blackhouse Museum - Blackhouses were traditional island dwellings, with stone walls and a thatched roof. There was no chimney - smoke from the fire in the central hearth escaped through the thatch, which provided a measure of preservation (if a great deal of internal smokiness). The blackhouses typically were divided in two, with one half providing a room or two for the family and one half being a byre for the animals. 
Uig Sands (Traigh Uig)

Norse Mill at Shawbost

Doune Carloway Broch

The village of Aird Uig, where I stayed at the SEAcroft B&B - great food and great folks at the end of eighteen miles of single track road. 

View from Gallan Head - next stop, America...

Sheep on Camas na h-Airde (Bay of Aird) beach below Aird Uig

View northward from Gallan Head. Gallan Head was used by the Ministry of Defense as a radar installation for sixty years. In 2016 the Head was transferred to community ownership, and it's now open for all to hike...

Heavy traffic on the Golden Road on Harris. The single track road leads from Rodel on the southernmost tip of Harris east and north back to Tarbert. It was named "golden" for the cost of carving out the road over such difficult terrain. 

Luskentyre Beach on Harris

Abhainn Dearg Distillery - pronounced "Avine Derog", the name means "red river", which is where the distillery gets its water from. Founded in 2008, I took my tour of the distillery just two months too early to try their ten-year-old single malt.

Stornoway - capital of the Isle of Lewis

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village 

Effigy in St. Clement's Church in Rodel on the Isle of Harris

Weaving Harris Tweed at the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

Phentland Road - typical of the single-track roads on Lewis and Harris

Sunset over Reef on the Bhaltos Peninsula

Mealasta Beach

Monument to the HMV Iolaire overlooking the Beasts of Holm, where the Iolaire wrecked on January 1, 1919. Over 200 of the 283 souls on board were lost, mostly soldiers and sailors returning home from the First World War. 

One of the last remaining traditional red phone boxes, in Mangarstadh

Beach and sea stacks at Mangarstadh


Gannets diving for fish at Port Ness

Standing Stones of Callanish (Callanais)

Last Day in Scotland - August 1st
Edinburgh Zoo

Our group rejoined on the evening of July 31st, to spend the night at the 88th Craigalmond Scout Hall (again, thanks!). 
Our flight back to the USA wasn't due to leave until 5:00PM the next day, so we spent the morning at the Edinburgh Zoo.

Egyptian Vulture

Goeldi's Monkey


Brown Capuchin

Brown Capuchin


Rainbow Lorikeets

Not sure what sort of monkey this is.

Ring-tailed Lemur


Spider Monkey

Snowy Owl

Visayan Warty Pig

So, what are you doing in 2020

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