Baden-Powell Council BSA at the
1998 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Blair Atholl Jamborette
Daily Activities

 The Jamborette offered a wide variety of activities for the Scouts on a daily basis. Each day, each patrol chose morning and afternoon activities from a menu provided by their subcamp "Uncles". Patrols could choose from Abseiling ("rapelling" and "climbing" to us Americans), archery, the "Atholl Experience" (more about that, later), backwoods cooking, Castle Tours, "Cap Handi" ("Handicapped Awareness" in USA), Crafts, Cycling, Hiking, Electronics, Fencing, Fishing, Kayaking ("Canoeing"), Rafting or Sailing, Orienteering, Pioneering, Survival, and various overnight outings. As a "thank you" to the Duke of Atholl and the Castle Staff, each patrol was also expected to spend time on a Good Turn project, such as rebuilding a staircase and bridge.


The "Bungee Run"




Jamie and Ryan work on
A Good Turn Project

Andrew, Ryan, Morgan and Jamie display
the "Irn-Bru" the patrol won in a Survival Contest.

Irn-Bru for survival??

Trampolining in the Kross

Making a flashing woggle
at the Electronics activity

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