Baden-Powell Council BSA at the
1998 Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette

The Blair Atholl Jamborette
Last Day - Athollantics and Closing

Through the entire Jamborette period, we had sunny weather… and rain… and sun and rain, together… and clouds… and more rain…

and "Sweet Scottish Rain" led to…

…sweet Scottish Mud.

The ground got moister, then soggy, then liquid. There was four inches of standing water in front of the staff latrines, and palettes were laid out as walkways - and disappeared into the mud.

As the last day of the Jamborette dawned, the rains held off, and things had dried, just a bit, for the Big Games - the 1998 Blair Atholl Atholantics. The idea of the Atholantics is simple - the subcamps compete in a series of games, and acquire points by coming in first, second, and so on, in each event. The events, however, were not quite so simple. They ranged from relay races to retrieve and assemble puzzle parts, building forts by stacking bread trays, running obstacle courses through tires and over and under tables, and crossing over a path of tin cans while an opposing team swings water jugs suspended on ropes. In one game, the Scouts had to lasso and retrieve "sheep" (staff members) from inside a "pasture" marked out by rope. Seeing the Scouts coming, the sheep, baa-ing plaintively, picked up the stakes marking the corners of the rope pasture and ran off with them, forcing a rather more athletic chase than the Scouts expected. The teams body-surfed across the field, and crossed on planks supported by plastic drums. Entire subcamps threaded their way through a single tire. The games ended (how else?) with a mass Macarena.

The games started with a procession by the subcamp "uncles"…

…and ended with a Macarena - ALMOST everybody in step.
The Jamborette ended in the final campfire, always an emotional experience. The subcamps filed into the campfire slope, and performed their final yells - much better than just a week ago. Various leaders from the Scottish and international staff led songs - including one in Polish entitled Nie Mow Nits - and the Scouts enjoyed both old songs and new. At the end of the campfire, as the camp sang the Blair Atholl Hymn, candles were lit and the slope blazed with a soft light. Then the candles were blown out from one side of the campfire to the other, and it was over…

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