Stirling and northern Midlands

The Forth and Clyde area between Edinburgh and Glasgow - Stirling, Falkirk

Stirling Castle

The newly-renovated Royal Apartments include the Sterling Heads mounted on the ceiling of the Inner Hall. 

The Heads represent some of the ancestors of King James V, as well as historical and mythological figures representing his virtues.

A Kodak Moment on the East Ramparts along the Nether Bailey

The Regimental Museum at the Castle has exhibits on a number of Scottish Regiments. This is a display of receipients of the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest medal of valor. 

The statue of Robert the Bruce looks out across the valley to the Wallace Monument

The traces of the long-gone medieval gardens are still visible from the Castle Ramparts

The Royal Bedchamber

The Great Hall, with its incredible hammer-beam ceiling

Falconry was a favorite activity at the Castle.

The high table in the Great Hall.

The Inner Ward, with the golden Great Hall.

Stirling Old Town

The Stirling Old Town Jail offers interesting tours

View from the Jail, overlooking Cowan's Hospital

Stirling Old Town

In and around Stirling

The National Wallace Monument - erected in 1869 to the memory of William Wallace ("Braveheart"). It stands on Abbey Craig, overlooking Stirling.

Statue of Robert the Bruce stands on the Bannockburn Battlefield

Falkirk Area

The Falkirk Wheel is the world's only rotating boat lift. It opened in 2002, replacing 11 locks which once connected the Grand Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal, abandoned and built over in the 1930's. 

Boats enter one of the two "bathtubs" on the Wheel, here at the end of the aqueduct on the upper level (Grand Union Canal)...

... and the Wheel is rotated ...

... allowing the boat to exit in the basin on the other level. From there, it's one lock down to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Andy Scott's monumental sculpture The Kelpies stands along the Grand Union Canal, a few miles from the Wheel. The horses' heads are over 100' high, and were completed in early 2014. 

The Roman Antonine Wall runs through Falkirk. It's about a fifteen minute walk from the Falkirk Wheel parking lot to the Wall. 

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